My Narrator

I’ve decided that I want my own narrator, someone to walk others through the unique, fun-filled world of Mindy.

With my bass-voiced buddy, mundane tasks such as exercising, answering the phone and doing laundry would assume a more exciting position. Who knows, maybe I’d actually enjoy doing those things!

Imagine such exciting times as Mindy cleans the toilet:

We join our heroine Mindy as she stands in the bathroom, dreading the task at hand. With a sigh she leans down, grabbing the scrub brush. The vigor with which she attacks the toilet scum would frighten even Martha Stewart. She is a woman on a mission.

Or even something as nail biting as washing the car:

A clump of suds drifts down Mindy’s right calf, tickling the skin. Absentmindedly she wipes her leg against her left. In her hands a sponge drips excess bubbles on her toes. She sets to work, circling the sponge around the hood of the car. From across the street skateboarding 16 year olds drool at the sight of water crawling up Mindy’s tank top. Wolf whistles ensue.

Even the downright dirty tasks would become more enthralling, like changing the cat litter:

The box stands before Mindy, putting forth horrors that others would not dare tackle. But this is Mindy, and she can handle anything in her way. She rolls up her sleeves and sets to work, putting the contents of the box into a trash bag that she will later hurl into the dumpster with such great force that her cat dare not poo for at least a day.

Even Mindy’s job would be a piece of cake as Mindy goes on rounds:

The building is silent as Mindy strolls past, checking to make sure everyone is safe and rules are being followed. But this is Mindy, and everyone obeys her. She continues on her path, a smile lighting her face knowing all is well.

I’d purposely have a lot of fun with my own narrator. He would definitely stay busy with my many exploits. With his help I’d be the envy of people everywhere as the hot girl with the narrator.

2 thoughts on “My Narrator”

  1. In a world where blogging has waned, and narrators are scarce, one woman will rise from the ashes to become…The Mindinator!!!

    Coming soon!


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