TV – My Inspiration

A throwback from June 2007 for your amusement. Enjoy!

Oh mighty television, my sweet motivator. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know many things: the enjoyable dreams of Abe Lincoln shooting paper footballs at a sarcastic, tech-savvy groundhog; wish that my doctor had the gruff but brilliant bedside manner of Dr. Greg House; learn how to torture my office’s version of Dwight Schrute; or imagine that by saving a cheerleader, I could save the world.

But television is oh so much more than that! Yup, TV has served to inspire me in my career ambitions. Without my good ole boob tube buddy, I wouldn’t have considered such lofty aims as:

  • Crime Scene Investigator (nope, blood makes me queasy)
  • Sarcastic world traveler/chef (me eat half-developed duck eggs? *vomits*)
  • Ghost hunter (Queen of the Mega-Weenie Association of America)
  • Home renovator (accident prone + power tools = disaster)
  • Psychic detective (sweet…except my mind-reading skills are non-existent)
  • Chef (Mindy + knives = ER visits)
  • Crab fisher (me no likey cold)
  • FBI profiler (my only knowledge of psychology comes from “Sybil,” Hannibal Lector and Pavlov’s dog)
  • Doctor (not McDreamy or McSteamy…more like McSqueamy)
  • Robot chicken (sadly, not clay animated)

But there is one slight (very slight) possibility.

Last night Mom said, “Guess what came in to my work: five gallons of fondue.”

Do what???

“You got what?”

“You know, fondue, that stuff you put on cakes.”


“Yeah, five gallons of it.”

“Mom, you do know fondue’s the stuff you dip like bread or fruit in, right?”

“You know what I mean! I almost bought it, but then I was like, ‘What would I do with five gallons of fon-dant?'”

“Um….make cakes? You should have bought it!”

You see, thanks to the awesome power of Duff Goldman and his pals at Charm City Cakes, my ambition du jour is cake decorating. But, seeing as how I change ambitions as often as I change the channel, who knows how long that will last. Maybe next week I’ll want to travel about with my regenerative time lord friend and his sonic screw driver in his TARDIS.

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