It’s Pronounced Min-Day

Mindy looks in a mirror
A Whovian too!

On first glance, Mindy Kinnaman seems like your average, fun-loving person. She’s an accident-prone geek who loves chai lattes and Coca-Cola just a little too much. And writing is a huge part of Mindy’s life – her undergraduate degree was in English with an emphasis in journalism. She freelanced for The Kansas City Star and completed her first novel. Mindy works in education, overseeing student life at Front Range Community College and loves seeing the impact of education upon students.

From the time she was a little girl, zombies were a part of Mindy’s life. She saw her first horror movie at the age of three and found horror movies to be a big part of her life. But Mindy’s biggest fear, even greater than clowns or the dark, were zombies. Because of the recurring zombie nightmares she had, Mindy avoided zombie films until she finally gave in and watched Shaun of the Dead in 2005. Despite the nightmares that returned, Mindy found herself watching George Romero’s zombie films, as well their remakes, and soon, she was in love. Just a note, Mindy doesn’t believe the movies Zombieland, 28 Days Later and28 Weeks Later are zombie films (the “zombies” are still alive), but she loves them all the same.

But there’s oh-so-much more to Mindy than zombies. She is a self-proclaimed geek who wishes she could marry Captain America when she grows up. Her coworkers have even threatened a Captain American-themed Intervention, which only made Mindy hoped that Cap might show up just to talk her down from her lust.

Mindy also loves horror movies and Doctor Who. Her roommates are a grumpy cat nicknamed Satan Kitteh, who happens to have a large fan club – well, at least one fan; an insane giant of a cat named Bitteh; and her husband.

If you like what you see here, awesome. You should help Mindy get that book deal she’s been pining after since she was twelve. Or share her stories with your friends. Or at least say hi.


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