Guess It’s Diet Time

This past weekend, I traveled to Ohio to visit my boyfriend Joey while he’s on assignment there for work. It was my first time traveling to Ohio and seeing Joey’s home away from home.

As part of the weekend, Joey and I decided to tour the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Home and Museum.

Joey walking the grounds.

We started by walking the grounds, as Hayes had planted many trees honoring his contemporaries including Presidents Garfield and Taft. The trees were interesting, but we found ourselves more entertained by the chubby red squirrels who chased after us hoping for some tender vittles…or our tasty, tasty human flesh.

Red-eyed squirrel of doom!

Next, we toured the museum, learning a great deal about the man – not only did he work hard for equal rights for all races and genders, but he was also very pro-higher education, which I really respect.

Museum toured, Joey and I then set off for Hayes’ home.

The house was large and stunning. Our tour guide Eilene was wonderful, pointing out the home’s unique features and peppering it with more information about the Hayes family. I am sad to say this was my first-ever tour of a Presidential home and museum, even though I live 30 minutes away from President Harry S. Truman’s home and library.

I learned a great deal that day, not just about history though. I also learned just how much 20 pounds can alter people’s perception of you…even though you’ve been carrying that weight for two years.

As Joey and I said our goodbyes to Eilene, she wished me safe travels back to Kansas City. She then went on to say something no curvy woman ever wants to hear: “I hope you have a healthy baby.”

Yup, my jaw was on the floor like yours probably is right now.

I tried to cover my horror with a smile and mumbled thanks. I couldn’t embarass that lovely senior citizen by telling her that I wasn’t even a little pregnant (I know there’s no such thing as being a little pregnant. I just find that description hilarious.).

Joey and I walked out onto the porch and immediately the laughter began. Laughter that has lasted throughout the weekend and is still ongoing. I’ll randomly grab my tummy and give it a jiggle and joke about the non-existent baby inside…then I’ll wish for a treadmill.