Tales From a Procrastinator

Guys, gals and nonbinary pals, let me tell you a tale. There once was a procrastinator named Mindy who had to interview 4 people and then write 4 2-page papers about the people I interviewed. It was, by far, one of the easiest assignments of my Master’s program. But by the day those 4 papers were due, this little procrastinator still hadn’t written a single paper. Hoping against hope that I could miraculously write 4 papers in 3 hours, I hid in an office and started writing. But less than an hour later, the professor called and cancelled class.

Now, a smart person would have used that grace period to finish those papers. But did I?

Cut to one week later, and I am in the exact same boat. But this time I show up to that 7 pm class with no papers completed. And do you know what happened? The teacher didn’t show up. We actually got to take advantage of the whole 30-minute no-show rule.

You read that right. For two weeks in a row, I got lucky.

And if that wasn’t enough, the next week was spring break, followed by a week where the professor was out for a conference. In other words, for an entire month, I slacked off on 4 easy-peasy papers and got away with it. But I knew my good luck had an expiration date, so I finally buckled down and finished those papers before the next class session. But y’all, I have never been luckier (and lazier) in my life.